FEBRUARY 4-5, 2022

Funtastic is a fast-pace, action-packed event for teens. You can expect great preaching,  games, prizes, food, and activities.
Many teens come with their church youth group, but if you do not have a youth group or adult sponsor, please indicate that when registering so we can organize teams and plan sleeping arrangements.



Payment will be collected at registration on Friday


2022 Featured Speaker:

Peter Heck

Peter is a preaching minister at Jerome Christian Church in Greentown, IN, and lead opinion writer for “Not the Bee.”


A new approach for Christians to engage culture

Session 1: Addressing Identity

Identity in Christ will put us at odds with a culture that finds identity in sexuality, gender expression, work, etc.

Session 2: Don’t be Surprised

We cannot be surprised by hostility that we face to our approach to life; conflict with culture isn’t a sign we are at odds with Christ, but rather that we are following Him.

Session 3: A Strategy for Cultural Engagement

Rather than running away or simply condemning the world, here are some practical methods for engaging and liberating people from the enemy.

Hosted at First Baptist Church

7398 Fairview Rd N, Baxter, MN 56425

Registration will be set-up in the foyer at the main south entrance.


What to Bring:

  • $35 payment- cash or check made payable to “Faith Baptist Church.” Youth Pastors and sponsors get in free, but please do not bring more sponsors than necessary to support your students.
  • Bible, pen, notebook – don’t have a Bible? We’ve got you covered. Just let one of us know.
  • Swimwear for waterpark. Modesty is our guiding principle. Please no spedos or bikini style swimwear.
  • Gym clothes and gym shoes
  • Towel for showering
  • Warm clothes for outdoor activities: coat, snow pants, boots, gloves, hat
  • Toiletries
  • Prescription medication, insulin, etc.
  • Change of clothes for Saturday
  • Sleeping bag and pillow. Sleeping pad or mattress is also helpful.
  • * If you have specific food allergies please indicate that on the registration form. We will do our best to have alternative options, but we cannot guarantee that there will be food options specific to your diet so please plan ahead. There will be a refrigerator available for such cases.
If you have any further questions you can contact Pastor Dan directly.